Bonita Bird Paradise

Our Services

We provide a quality experience when it comes to the selection of Exotic Birds, Feed, Cages and other Avian related supplies.

Boarding Service

We provide boarding services for your Avian Companion. Charges are dependant on the size of the cage the bird requires.

Large Cage - $ 19.00 per day

Medium Cage - $ 15.00 per day

Small Cage - $ 11.00 per day

If you board 2 birds that will share a cage the charge will be for one bird.

Testing Policy - We require that you provide proof of testing for Avian Viruses prior to boarding in our facility. The health and safety of all our birds and guest birds is of paramount importance to us. We strive to provide the cleanest environment for all our guest birds during their stay.  

Avian Testing

Testing for viral and bacterial agent helps to ensure the health of  your Avian Companion. It is also required by any reputable Avian Boarding Facility prior to accepting a new bird for boarding. 

We offer Viral, Bacterial and Sex determination testing at Bonita Bird Paradise. The test consists of clipping a tallon and taking small blood sample from the tallon. That sample is submitted to Animal Genetics in Tallahassee Florida where the tests are conducted. Turn around time for results is usually about 10 days. It is recommended tests be conducted for Avian Polyoma virus, PBFD, Pachecos virus and Chlamydophila Psittaci bacteria.


Sexing Only - $ 25.00

Full Pannel  - $ 95.00


Wing and tallon trimming services are available for all size birds. Parrotlets to Macaws we do them all. Our trimming equipment is maintained in a UV Sterilizer and our working surfaces are cleaned and disinfected prior to each grooming session.

We also offer bathing and Aloe treatments for your bird.

Large Birds - $ 19.00

Medium Birds - $ 15.00

Small Birds - $ 11.00